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No matter how much the healthcare professional argues that ovarian cysts are harmless, the woman knows how painful some of these can be. And she is quite right in her presumptions. Pain in ovarian cyst can indeed become dreadful at times.

However, barring a few that are trouble makers, most ovarian cysts are silent visitors. They come and go on their own. Some are even functional, meaning, they assist in the biological process of reproduction. Yet the bad boys among them can give a really difficult time to a woman.

Take for instance, the hemorrhagic ovarian cyst, alias haematocyst as well as haemotocele that have the evil reputation of rupturing within the ovary and cause bleeding accompanied by intense pain in the right side of the abdomen. The hemorrhage sometimes becomes as copious as to flood the ovary with its semi-fluid contents.

Endometroid cysts that are known as chocolate cysts can also cause pain. These cysts have the tendency of collecting blood with every menstrual cycle and it appears chocolaty in color. However, as there is no escape route for the stale blood to go away, the cysts have no other alternative but to burst, spilling their evil contents all over the pelvic region. Severe abdominal pain is a landmark symptom of bursting endometroid cyst.

Dermoid ovarian cysts are also capable of causing acute pain. This however does not happen from bursting or rupturing, but by their sheer volume or weight. These cysts can grow up to very large size, causing pressure to the urinary bladder or other surrounding organs in the pelvic area.

Pain Ovarian Cysts

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If you are suffering from pain because of ovarian cysts, it would be a mistake to treat the pain. Because even if the pain goes away, the cysts will cause them again. Better treat the contributing factors of the cyst so that these growths cannot happen. And when there is no ovarian cyst syndrome, there cannot be any pain. This can be achieved only through holistic remedies. 

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Pain Ovarian Cysts

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