Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Pain From Ovarian Cyst:
What Does It Signify?

Apart from causing numerous disadvantages that include vomiting, hirsutism, loss of scalp hair and infertility, some ovarian cysts can cause severe pain, which at times, can be quite debilitating. Pain from ovarian cysts is usually linked to Hemorrhagic cysts, Endrometroid cysts , Dermoid cysts, PCOD and Adnexal torsion.


Hemorrhagic cysts that are also known as Blood cysts, haematocyst or haematocele, occur when a minor blood vessel within the cyst ruptures, resulting in blood oozing into the cyst and causing severe pain in the right side of the abdomen. Often the bleeding becomes so profuse and rapid, that the ovary itself becomes covered with blood. A sonogram performed to investigate into the cause of the pain, can reveal the blood clots formed due to the hemorrhage.


Endometroid cysts keep storing blood at the time of each menstruation, and because of this, the blood soon gets stale and develops a chocolaty hue. This can also give rise to acute pain when the cyst bursts open, spilling their chocolate colored contents. Severe abdominal pain is a landmark symptom of bursting endometroid cysts.


Dermoid cysts that are considered to be the most bizarre kind of ovarian cysts that can be found in the human ovary are also liable to cause pain not due to rupturing or bursting. This mostly happens because of their abnormally big size and weight.


Intense abdominal pain is also associated with adnexal torsion, which happens when torsion occurs in an ovarian cyst. However, this requires immediate medical attention and emergency treatment, as the situation may turn life-threatening soon.


Pain From Ovarian Cyst

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Pain From Ovarian Cyst

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