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Ovary Cyst Removal: Find Out When It Needs To Be Considered

Since most ovarian cysts are functional and benign, they are not necessarily removed. But even then, the ovary cyst removal becomes a necessity in certain cases. For instance, hemorrhagic or blood cysts are often surgically removed as they can rupture and spill their contents. Same is the case with endometroid cysts that mostly contains stale blood and are likely to burst, creating many complications.

Moreover, abnormally large cysts also come under the knife as they tend to create much discomfort to the lady who has to carry that additional load all the while.

Primarily, there are two common surgical cyst removal procedures that are usually followed by most surgeons - (1) Open Surgery and (2) Laparoscopic Surgery.

In the open surgery, an incision is made in the abdomen and abdominal muscles are separated to reveal the ovary. Blood vessels supplying blood to the ovary is thereafter clamped and securely tied. Cysts are then carefully removed, and if cancer is suspected, the ovaries are also removed.

Laparoscopic surgery, on the other hand, is minimally invasive as it entails small incisions or holes made just below the navel through which the laparoscope is inserted into the abdomen.  The next step consists of pumping CO2 gas into the abdomen as a result of which, the surgeon can get a clear picture of the abdominal organs. However, after the cysts are located by the laparoscope, a few additional holes are drilled through which laparoscopic surgical tools (usually provided with longer handles) are introduced for removal of the cysts.

Ovary Cyst Removal

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Ovarian cyst removal through surgery cannot however guarantee that it will not return. This is thus not a permanent cyst treatment. To get rid of your problem for good, you should opt for holistic remedies that treat the root causes and not the symptoms. Once the causes go away, the cyst goes too.    

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Ovary Cyst Removal

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