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Formation of cysts in the ovary is nothing uncommon for women during their child-bearing ages. Studies have shown that they are fairly widespread in pre-menopausal women and are at least 14.8% prevalent in postmenopausal women. However, most of these ovarian cysts are benign (non-cancerous) in nature and seldom cause any problem. In fact, many women are not even aware of cysts harboring their ovaries, until they experience cystic pain during periods that are somewhat different from normal menstrual pain.

Ovarian cysts however come under two basic categories - simple ovarian cysts and complex ovarian cysts (complicated ovarian cysts). Simple cysts usually comprise of Graaffian Follicular Cyst and Corpus Luteum Cyst, both of which resemble small blister-like fluid-filled sacs harboring in the ovaries and are known as functional cysts.

Graffian follicular cysts are caused when in a menstrual cycle, the follicle deviates from its normal functioning, namely, the release of ovum and allowing it to mature, while disintegrating itself in the process. Instead, it fails to free the ovum and starts growing bigger in dimension. And this eventually becomes a cyst in the ovary. Doctors often adopt a 'wait and watch policy' to see if the ovarian cyst syndrome goes away on its own after a few menstrual periods. The presence of these cysts will be apparent during ultrasound examination of the ovary.

Corpus luteum cysts, on the other hand are caused even after the follicle has released the egg, but the gap where it is released gets sealed up, corpus luteum is not formed. This allows the cyst to grow.

Ovarian Simple Cyst

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Ovarian Simple Cyst

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