Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Ovarian Follicles: What
Should You Be Aware Of?

Normally an ovarian follicle is supposed to release the egg (for fertilization) and degenerate. But some follicles do not follow the rules. They fail to release the egg and keep on growing - eventually forming into an ovarian cyst. This is when the woman suffers from the ovarian cyst syndrome.

Conversely, a cyst may also be formed after the follicle has done its duty, namely, releasing the egg, but the poor egg's further development is blocked. This is when the corpus luteum cannot be formed and a cyst is formed in the ovary. Experts are of the opinion that a hormonal derivative called Xenoestrogen is responsible for creating cysts in the ovary.

This cyst begins its journey in a normal way as the menstrual cycle starts, but it starts malfunctioning in the midway, as a result of which, the egg cannot be released. Exposure to xenobiotics and sundry other pollutants can imitate the chemical action started by estrogen on the tissue of the baby, and there could be hundreds of follicles remaining in the ovum that do not develop.

Even though these pollutants may fail to make any impact on the mother, the baby might become affected when the ovarian follicles became dysfunctional. This perilous after-effect, incidentally, hampers the progesterone's ability to secrete adequately and create normalcy. However, the damage seldom comes to light till the baby reaches puberty.

Ovarian Follicles

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If you are suffering from the ovarian cyst syndrome, the doctor might prescribe you conventional treatments and even surgery. Then there are natural treatments for PCOS too. However they all just treat the symptoms and not the root causes, and this is why they fail. Holistic remedies however treat all the contributing factors, and thus, the results are much better.  

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Ovarian Follicles

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