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Ovarian Dermoid Cysts: What They Are And How To Fight Them

Of all the different kinds of cysts that grow in or around the female ovary, the Dermoid cyst can easily be described as the most grotesque and bizarre. Truly classified as a benign (non-cancerous) type of teratoma, (which has foreign origin, meaning 'monstrous tumor,') these cysts have given rise to many myths and legends in the past.

What is so bizarre about them?

Instead of having the normal fluid-like substance that most cysts are filled with, a Dermoid cyst contains skin, cartilage, fat, blood, fragments of bone, nails, eyes and even sweat glands. This peculiarity is due to the fact that Dermoid cysts are formed from germ cells, which are undifferentiated, and so can have any of the varied tissues found in human body.

Who are likely to be affected by Dermoid cysts?

Apart from the fact that Dermoid cysts can be found at birth, these cysts usually affect women in their reproductive years, i.e. between 20 and 40 years of age.

Do they pose grave health hazard?

Probably not. They may look dreadful and ghastly, but they are seldom malignant. In fact, none has so far reported about cancerous dermoid cysts.

However, it is their size that often makes them hazardous. As long as they remain small, do not exhibit any signs of fast growth and present no symptoms, they are OK. But as they get too big, complications start developing (complicated ovarian cyst). Apart from causing undue pressure to the urinary bladder and other surrounding organs, they are known to irritate the abdominal cavity that gives rise to Peritonitis.

What are the treatment procedures?

Ovarian Dermoid Cysts

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Dermoid cysts can be surgically removed , but there is no guarantee that they will not reappear. So, the best curse of treatment is in choosing the holistic method of getting rid of dermoid cysts which is hundred percent perfect. A natural remedy for ovarian cyst and also conventional treatments just treat the symptoms, whereas, holistic remedies treat the root causes.  

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Ovarian Dermoid Cysts

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