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Ovarian Cysts Size: The
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Ovarian cysts not only differ in form, but they also vary in sizes greatly. While some of them are as small as newly developed grapes, others could be quite huge. A few years ago a 39-year old lady was referred to a hospital who looked like a 9-month pregnant woman about to give birth to a baby. However, deliberations revealed that she had never conceived and moreover, tests disclosed that she was a virgin. Attending doctors were bewildered when laparoscopic images proved that she had mammoth growth in her abdomen that was nothing but an ovarian cyst. When taken out surgically, it was found to be a large cyst adenoma cyst that weighed 12 lbs.

Dermoid cysts, which are usually filled with human hair, body tissues, skin and bone fragments are also known to grow fairly large in size - up to six inches or over. Studies reveal that these cysts or rather tumors have a tendency to grow very large in size due to their developing from the egg.

Cyst adenoma cysts that are caused due to abnormal cell growth and are usually attached to the ovaries by a stem also have the evil reputation of growing into abominably large size. They also have a tendency to twist and rupture, thus causing intense pain and plenty of complications.

Endometrial cysts , which appear on the lining of the womb and are filled with stale blood, can also grow fairly bulky in size, causing discomfort and pain. One of the reasons behind the bulk includes continued collection of blood during menstruation period, which cannot escape from the confines of the cystic body, eventually ending in rupture.

Ovarian Cysts Size

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Ovarian Cysts Size

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