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Ovarian Cysts Side - Effects REVEALED

To be honest about it, there are a whole lot of side effects that are associated with ovarian cysts. Also, when the side effects of cyst surgery are taken into account, it becomes even graver. Take for instance, the menstrual bleeding that often becomes quite irregular or scanty due to ovarian cysts can become fairly copious after surgical removal of these growths.


Understanding the side effects of ovarian cyst early on is very important. Because if you can identify them, you can get the treatment started quickly. There are those who adopt a wait and watch policy - but this is never recommended because the cysts can often cause complications. So try to identify these side effects and get the condition treated. Remember, a large number of women have cysts, and so, you can too.


Side Effects Of Ovarian Cyst - Heavy Menstrual Bleeding


For a woman who is in the child-bearing age, the menstruation cycle lasts between three to seven days, and in this she discharges blood (along with some hormonal fluids) that measures 4 to 5 table spoons. Equated in feminine terms, this comes to around 8 soaked pads per day. Now, if a woman bleeds even after the scheduled number of days is over, and the number of soaked pads increase much beyond what is expected, this can be because she has a cyst in the ovary. Usually during the discharge period, the bleeding is the most for just a day or two. But when she has the cyst, this bleeding can intensify for more than 2 days.


Often, the normal hormonal balance which controls her menstruation gets disturbed due to the presence of cysts in her ovaries, and the normal flow of blood gets disordered too. Yes, the bleeding can suddenly increase, or it can become less as well in some cases at least.


She may also bleed even when she is not in her periods from the vagina. This can also be a sure side effect of ovarian cyst.


Ovarian Cyst Sign - Some Other Side Effects


There are some other side effects too. For example, when all of a sudden there is some tenderness in the breasts, or there is some pain for no apparent reason, then it could be a side effect of ovarian cyst.


Pelvic pain is another side effect. The female pelvis, as compared to its male counterpart differs much in shape, size and formation. It is much larger, there is more room in it (to hold a baby before birth), and it contains an extra set of organs for reproductive purposes. And it is extra sensitive too. In fact, there is a set of diseases that involve female pelvic region, clinically known as PID or the Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder that cause pain and physical discomfort to a great extent. Apart from PID, cysts in the ovary can also cause pelvic pain. This pain can often go up to the breast and the thighs too.


Treatment For Ovarian Cysts - Getting Rid Of The Side Effects


The fact remains that, even with such huge strides made by medical science in the recent years, it has yet to come out with medications or treatments that can offer a permanent remedy for the ovarian cyst syndrome .


Doctors treating ovarian cysts routinely prescribe oral contraceptives containing chemically manufactured hormones, little realizing the side effects that these pill' are apt to produce. Surgeons too, while removing the cysts through laparoscopy or laparotomy tend to compromise with their conscience by marginally mentioning that the cysts they have removed today has every likelihood of reappearing tomorrow. This is true for conventional treatments too because most such approaches just treat the symptoms of the condition without really treating the root causes that are causing these cysts. And surgery just removes the cyst for the time being, without really taking on the causes.


The holistic approach on the other hand, hits the core of the disease from all probable angles till the cysts are made to disassociate with their hosts. Treating the body as a whole, the holistic approach identifies all the contributing factors (and there can be many of them), and then removes them all. And once these root causes are gone, the cysts go away too, and the results are permanent. Naturally, the side effects go away as well. Holistic remedies are completely safe too and they give quick results.

Ovarian Cysts Side Effects

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Ovarian Cysts Side Effects

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