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Ovarian Cysts Medications
Don't Work in the Long Run

There are all kinds of ovarian cysts medications such as oral contraceptives and formulations that can deceive the body into believing that conception has already taken place. Unbelievable, yet true, this approach has been tried time and again in many women. The working principle behind this novel practice is based on the fact that the female body releases the Progesterone hormone in the second half of the menstrual cycle and also through the gestation period to stop producing the eggs. And when egg production is stopped, no follicles grow. And if the follicles are not there, cysts cannot grow either. When women are provided with natural progesterone (a bio-identical hormone similar to what the body releases to halt ovulation), the body is tricked to believe that it is pregnant, and the cysts stop growing in the ovaries.


However novel it may sound, if considered carefully, it is just a variation of the same old practice of providing the body with oral contraceptives or birth control pills. But there is a slight difference. While the pills contain chemically produced hormones, the natural progesterone does not contain any harmful chemicals.


Cures For Ovarian Cysts - Early Medications


Often many doctors do not prescribe any medication in the hope that the cyst will go away on is own. The medical professional will just want to keep you under close observation to find out if the size of the cyst is reducing or not. So the doctor will need to examine your pelvic region. But this is a dangerous approach because suddenly the condition may worsen, and if it does, the doctor would lose valuable time. Why invite unnecessary complications, and wait for the emergency to strike you? Take action when there's still time.


The cyst or cysts may not seem to be going away, and it may be getting bigger in size. The physician will then be urged to intervene. There are many who prescribe oral contraceptives, but there are some other medications and supplements too. But most of them are to control the symptoms - and the main symptom is of course the associated pain.


Treatment For Ovarian Cysts - Ongoing Medications


The physician could prescribe you some drugs to control the level of hormones in your body, because an imbalance of hormone is a key reason for these cysts. There could be some luteinising hormone-suppressing drugs, fertility drugs, anti-androgen drugs and even antibiotics that might be prescribed. In most cases however, a combination of the above mentioned drugs are prescribed. These medications however just try to treat the cyst and not its cause. So, though the cyst might go away, but since the cause remains, it often returns.


But there can be instances when the cyst might not still go away even after you have been taking these drugs for a while. In such cases, surgery is often recommended by conventional medical practitioners. But remember, surgery must always be the last resort.


Herbal Treatment For Ovarian Cyst


There are some herbal treatments as well. But do remember that herbal treatments may take anything between 2 to 6 months to give you results.


Herbs like milk thistle and echinacea can control these cysts in the ovary. Along with these herbs, you will also have to change your diet. Foods such as vegetables and fruits, legumes, garlic and while grains can also help you get rid of the discomfort. You should try to avoid or reduce your intake of alcohol, caffeine, eggs, red meat, carbonated beverages, white sugar and refined or processed foods.


There are a few mineral and multivitamin supplements as well. These supplements can provide you what your foods cannot and can enhance your immunity, improve the liver function, and protect you against abnormal cell growth. And they can balance the level of hormone. So take Vitamin B and C and zinc.


Herbal remedies are just a part of the puzzle and not the complete answer to the problem. They can offer some help in providing relief from the symptoms, but since they too do not treat the real causes, the cysts keep coming back again and again. The only permanent cure can be achieved by treating the root causes and not the symptoms.


Holistic Approach To Cure Your Ovarian Cysts


Holistic approach seems to be the best way to cure ovarian cysts for several reasons. First of all, it is painless, and secondly, it addresses at the root causes of the disease (the cysts can be caused because of many factors), and thirdly, it cures the disease and not the symptoms. In other words, while conventional as well as the other remedies treat the symptoms, holistic remedies reaches deep within the body to identify all the root causes and eradicates them. With the right medication, right diet and right lifestyle, the patient can actually feel that the problems are disappearing one by one. And this is precisely why holistic remedies are so much better than the other treatments. And these remedies are completely safe too.

Ovarian Cysts Medications

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Ovarian Cysts Medications

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