Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Ovarian Cysts in Pregnancy:
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Theoretically speaking, it makes little difference whether cysts occur in pregnancy or under usual circumstances. As most of them go away on their own, they are likely to follow suit in pregnancy too. But some of them appear to behave otherwise and refuse to dissolve. Instead they keep growing. There can also be complicated ovarian cysts and there are those which may rupture or bleed.

Also consider the fact that a substantially large ovarian cyst is likely to cause much discomfort to the pregnant lady, who may suffer undue fatigue, become sulky and even retch occasionally. Bleeding ovarian cysts occurring in pregnancy requires urgent medical attention as they may create complications later. In any case, ovarian cyst in pregnancy  should be routinely monitored through ultrasound to check their conduct. Though conventional treatments are able to address the ovarian cyst syndrome under normal circumstances, when the woman is pregnant, surgery is ruled out, and the doctor will be very careful when prescribing medicines too.

As most cysts are benign (non-cancerous) , whether occurring in menstruating or pregnant woman, carcinoma is almost always ruled out. But what causes concern is their tendency to rupture (burst) or torse (twist). Either of these situations may lead to intense pain for the mother-to-be or loss of pregnancy (miscarriage). Doctors therefore, are in favor of surgical removal cysts that are larger than 6 to 8 cm in diameter. But the problem is, since the root causes remain, the cyst may come back.

Natural PCOS treatment and conventional treatments cannot help because they make the same mistake of treating the symptoms and not the root causes. The best cure for ovarian cyst is in the holistic approach because it treats the contributing factors. Once the root causes are treated, the symptoms go away automatically, never to come back again. 

Ovarian Cysts In Pregnancy

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Ovarian Cysts In Pregnancy

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