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Can Ovarian Cysts Cause Abdominal Bloating? Here's The ANSWER

Here we are discussing in detail the causes of abdominal bloating in ovarian cysts.

Bloating or distention is a condition characterized by a feeling of tightness in the abdomen that may often lead to discomfort and pain. As a matter of fact, bloating is caused by stressful enlargement of the abdominal cavity due to accumulation of excessive fluid, intestinal gas, layers of fat, etc caused by physical or functional obstruction of the intestines; as also due to the presence of ovarian cysts in the abdomen.

Ovarian Cysts Cause Abdominal Bloating

The customary trait of abdominal bloating in women is water retention due to hormone oscillation on account of cysts forming in or around the ovaries or during menstruation. Complex ovarian cysts that include corpus luteum hemorrhaging cysts are associated with abdominal bloating, lower back pain, bigger abdomen but lesser weight gain. Also evident are feeling of abdominal swelling and gas in the stomach. As most cysts are fluid-filled sacs attached to the ovary that grows bigger in size (other than self-resolving or follicular type) every month, the host can not but feel abdominal heaviness or fullness as the cysts gradually tend to fill up the abdominal cavity.

Some of the ovarian cysts have a tendency to grow abnormally big, thus causing severe abdominal bloating in women. Mucinous cystadenoma can take the form of biggest tumors in women. In fact, one such cystic development created uproar in the medical circle few years ago when a 37 year old woman came to the hospital, complaining of distressing bloating symptom in her abdomen. A quick investigation revealed a cystadenoma ovarian cyst that weighed 328 lb after surgical removal. Yet another case reported in the BMJ concerned an emaciated lady of uncertain age that came for medical check up, complaining excessive abdominal bloating. Her sonogram revealed oversized cystadenoma ovarian cyst, which after removal cured lady of excessive abdominal bloating.

Chocolate cysts or endometrial ovarian cysts also cause abdominal bloating in most women. Originating as endometrial patches, these cysts attach themselves with the ovary, collecting blood every month during menstruation. But owing to no path of discharge, the stale blood remains within the cysts in the form of dark chocolate colored blood, giving a sense of bloating and fullness in the abdomen. In short, all abnormal non-resolving cystic growth in the ovaries invariably gives the host a bloated feeling in the abdomen that can only go away with appropriate holistic treatment or removal through laparoscopy, if the cyst is within manageable size or by laparotomy if it is bigger.

Have you ever considered trying holistic remedies as a cure for ovarian cysts? You can do so because it seems that holistic remedies are indeed the most successful when it comes to treating the cysts efficiently, quickly, safely, painlessly and without any side effects too. Holistic remedies treat the body as a whole and identify the real causes of the disease and then treat them. And because of this, once the cyst goes, it does not come back. But this approach goes beyond just offering a medical remedy - it shows the person how to remain physically and mentally fit too.

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