Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Ovarian Cysts Bleeding:
WHY Does It Happen?

A woman's ovary may contain several types of cysts, but most of them do not cause bleeding. However, bleeding occasionally occur when they burst abruptly or rupture, causing pain and discomfort. The intensity of the pain greatly depends on the type, size and nature of the offending cyst and may be controlled by using NSAIDs available over the counter. Ovarian cyst bleeding also causes inflammation of the abdominal tissue and low backache. Cysts that get twisted in the ovary are likely to rupture too, and this can cause pain and there are other associated problems as well.

Ovarian cysts that occur after menstruation usually collect small amounts of blood in them, and are also likely to bleed if ruptured. Bleeding is the characteristic feature of a particular type of ovarian cyst that is known as Hemorrhagic Cyst (probably because of its unusual character). And the bleeding is considered rather high when these types of cysts start hemorrhaging. Urgent medical attention is often needed to cauterize the cyst in order to stop such bleeding.

However, ovarian cyst bleeding has got nothing to do with cancer, since cancerous cysts do not bleed. Bleeding occurs only when benign ovarian cysts rupture or hemorrhagic cysts bleed routinely. Women who are affected by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS experience some unusual kind of bleeding, develop hirsutism, and they may even become infertile.

The best action would be to seek cyst treatment because if you can solve the main issue, there can of course be no bleeding. Though there are conventional and natural treatments for ovarian cyst, but they all treat the symptoms and not the root causes. It is only the holistic approach that treats the contributing factors, and this is why this is so successful in cyst treatment.

Ovarian Cysts Bleeding

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Ovarian Cysts Bleeding

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