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Ovarian Cysts and
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Although cysts normally appear in ovaries, some of them being functional in nature, too many of them often cause infertility in women. Many young women suffering from the ovarian cyst syndrome fail to conceive as they become unable to ovulate. As a result of so many cysts being created within the ovary, and some of them may even get enlarged, there is an excessive production of androgen and estrogen hormones. And this further affects fertility. On top of that, normal menstrual periods are disrupted, hirsutism takes effect and the patient turns obese.

Infertility due to PCOS may be diagnosed through vaginal ultrasound, which will indicate the enlarged size of the ovary, the increased bright centrally located stroma as well as the many cysts arranged around the periphery of the ovary in a necklace-like formation. However, it should not be confused with Multicystic Ovary, which is a different matter altogether.

Treatment of infertility due to ovarian cysts may start by inducing ovulation and initiating weight loss in obese women. Studies have shown that even 10% loss of weight can raise the chance of ovulation abundantly. As for medication, many doctors prescribe Metformin which, incidentally, is also used to treat type-2 Diabetes. This choice has resulted from the fact that PCOS patients often have raised insulin levels in their blood and Metformin takes care of that.

But the problem is, Metformin and other conventional drugs, as also hormonal intervention often causes severe side effects. For example, hormones are often injected to help the woman ovulate, but this leads to extra weight, which again can make infertility worse.

The best cyst treatment can be achieved through the holistic approach because it treats the root causes and not just the symptoms. Holistic remedies work much better than conventional and even natural treatments. 

Ovarian Cysts And Infertility

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Ovarian Cysts And Infertility

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