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The Ovarian Cysts and Fertility Connection EXPOSED

Not surprisingly, most people are mortified at the thought of cysts in ovaries. Many know of other cysts turning cancerous. Perhaps their shock is greater because ovarian cysts often show no symptoms, and show up only in ultrasonic scans.

In fact, cysts in ovaries are largely harmless. Many cysts are visible only because of the sophistication of ultrasound technology . Though they might be harmless in most cases, but this does not mean that you should live with them. After all, there can be a case of a complicated ovarian cyst.

Ovarian cysts can also lead to the fear of loss of fertility. After all, many infertile women have ovarian cysts. If an ovary has one or more cysts growing on it, it will likely get in the way of ovulation, because cysts are known to cause irregular menstrual bleeding.

The contents of another kind of cyst, dermoid ovarian cysts , are made from cells that form the eggs. They can grow very large, and show teeth, hair and glandular activity. There is yet another cyst that causes endometriosis. These are ovarian cysts that form after the egg has traveled towards the vagina, dissolved but with stale blood trapped in it (they are also called chocolate cysts because of this dark blood).

PCOS (polycystic ovarian disease or syndrome) or the ovarian cyst syndrome is diagnosed when many ovarian cysts keep being formed. In all cases, healthy eggs aren't being formed as they should as often. Removing them surgically will not necessarily prevent recurrence or promote the chances of fertilization.

There is only one thing that works and this is in treating the underlying causes of cyst formation. And this is possible through holistic remedies. So to achieve cyst treatment, you should opt for holistic remedies.

                               Ovarian Cysts And Fertility

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Ovarian Cysts And Fertility

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