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Ovarian Cysts and PCOS

Ever since Adam and Eve partook of that forbidden fruit, Adam went wild while Eve remained a mystery for the world to decipher in terms of body and mind. Take for instance, the miracle a woman creates when she produces a baby, crossing untold barriers of infertility, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and many more. Although we claim to know everything about the female reproductive system, do we really understand how the hormones created in a woman's body controls her power to reproduce? Or what actually often prevents her from becoming pregnant. If you think it deeply, you would probably find that most of our knowledge is based on pure presumptions. Yes, even today.


What Are Ovarian Cysts?


Even basic facts like what causes a woman to develop cysts in her principal reproductive organ, namely the ovaries, are shrouded in mysteries. According to some, it is the result of hormonal imbalances in her body, while others believe it to be caused due to faulty release of an egg. Yet another school of thought considers that it causes due to "insulin intolerance", and some researchers believe that a cyst or a string of cysts develop in a woman's ovaries if the follicles that carry the immature ovum gets damaged when she is exposed to toxins that are known as 'Xenobiotics'. These experts also claim that the exposure not only damages the egg follicles, but also significantly affects the production of progesterone - the primary female hormone.


However, while concentrating on ovarian cysts and PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), let us not get confused because of the differences between PCO and PCOS. In reality, they are poles apart in terms of symptoms, causes and effect.


While PCO stands for polycystic ovary where there are many cysts, and there are the usual symptoms of pain in the lower abdomen, irregular periods , infertility, mood changes and others, PCOS is a totally different thing.


Ovarian Cysts Symptoms, Diagnosis And Medications


Symptoms of PCOS include abnormal weight gain, alopecia (baldness), hirsutism (excessive hair growth), acne and infertility . These conditions can happen because of excessive production of Androgen, which is a typical male hormone that may be produced by the female.


The symptoms often resemble those occurring in appendicitis, gall bladder complications, diverticulitis, intestinal obstruction or inflammation, kidney stone, endometriosis, ectopic or fallopian tube pregnancy and bladder infection. However, an ultrasound and MRI scan can diagnose the formation of cyst very clearly. Of course for a more detailed examination, doctors often prefer a laparoscopic diagnostic process.


PCOS, on the other hand has no known cure. However, the symptoms can be treated individually.


  • To reduce hyper-androgenism, which is prevalent in most PCOS victims, ovarian drilling is usually recommended. The laser fiber or the electrosurgical needle is used to puncture the ovary several times as this reduces the androgenic levels to a great extent.
  • A diuretic, brand named Spironolactone often helps reverse the acne and hirsutism issue. However whether it can restore growth of hair lost in alopecia has not been resolved so far.
  • To overcome the problem of anovulation (no ovulation), a medicine named Clomiphene (Clomoid) is often prescribed. It induces ovulation whereby the chances of pregnancy improve significantly.
  • Oral contraceptives with low androgenic side effects not only reestablish regular periods, but also prevent the risk of uterine cancer in most cases.


However, the biggest problem with PCOS is also in diagnosing, since it is a heterogeneous disease that manifests in various forms. As a matter of fact, PCOS patients complain of so many self-contradictory symptoms that there is every chance of a misdiagnosis - this is naturally a great risk, particularly when PCOS may be difficult to treat. And the confusion can be more because the symptoms often resemble ordinary ovarian cysts.


Turn To Holistic Remedies For Best Results


When nothing seems to work, you can turn to holistic remedies for a permanent remedy. Ovarian cysts may be caused because of many factors and so it is necessary to go into the root of the problem and identify them all. Treating the body as a whole, holistic remedies do exactly this. So once the root causes are identified and treated, the symptoms and the cyst goes away. Conventional remedies and even surgery on the other hand just treat the symptoms, and so the cysts almost always come back because the root causes remain.

Ovarian Cysts And PCOS

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Ovarian Cysts And PCOS

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