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Ovarian Cysts After Hysterectomy: Is it Possible?

It seems that the fate of the woman and her ovarian cyst syndrome is so deeply connected that she can have the cysts even after Hysterectomy. Such is the irony! Hysterectomy is actually the process of removing the uterus or some other reproductive organ like the fallopian tubes from within the body of the female. In some cases, the ovaries and the tubes stay intact even after Hysterectomy, and in such cases, the woman can still have the cysts.

In all such cases, since the ovaries are still present, normal internal physical activity takes place such as follicular growth and the development and release of eggs every month. The corpus luteum and the luteinizing hormones will still be released. However, there will be no menstruation because it is necessary for the uterus to be there for this.

The symptoms of an ovarian cyst after Hysterectomy are much the same as those that are observed before. The only difference is that, the chances of a complicated ovarian cyst are enhanced now. Also, there will be no menstrual irregularities (a common symptom of cyst prior to Hysterectomy) because there is no cycle any more. There can be pelvic and abdominal pain and pain during intercourse though.

If there is a cyst in the future, and if your doctor prescribes surgery, just inform the person that you have already gone through Hysterectomy. This is important because Hysterectomy will dramatically enhance the risks of a future surgery, and this must thus be avoided.

Ovarian cysts, before or after Hysterectomy , needs to be treated through holistic remedies. Treating the body as whole, holistic remedies removes the root causes, and not just the symptoms, and thus the results are much better.

                               Ovarian Cysts After Hysterectomy

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Ovarian Cysts After Hysterectomy

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