Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Ovarian Cysts:
Why Are They So Dangerous?

The thought of having ovarian cysts is frightening than most other types of cysts, though they can often be quite harmless. An ovarian cyst is formed when a follicle or sac containing a mature egg fails to release it in time, or having released it, closes its wall and lodges in the surrounding tissue, in, on or outside the ovary.

Most are functional cysts  (of the kind described above), and harmless, and they routinely form and dissolve. The fact is, most women suffer from the ovarian cyst syndrome, whether they know it or not.

An ovarian cyst's character depends on its position, internal contents, and its behavior. It may enclose air, fat, blood, other fluids or semi-solids. If it keeps growing, it may push other internal organs out of place, and cause abnormal sexual characteristics.

Resulting discomfort and vaginal cramps can be reduced by emptying the bladder regularly. Hot water bottles and hot-baths and certain herbal teas can relieve cramps. Multiple cysts (polycystic ovarian syndrome) can be prevented from multiplying by using birth control pills (to prevent ovulation).

Surgical intervention is required only in emergencies - if a cyst ruptures and bleeds, or abnormally displaces internal organs. Or if a normally benign cyst turns malignant or ruptures, causes pain and infection.

But neither surgery nor any other symptomatic cyst treatment can prevent them from appearing, and this is true for conventional medications and also natural treatments for ovarian cyst .

Cysts, however benign, are aberrations, not the healthy norm, and they arise from systemic dysfunctions and demand a systemic fix. The surest such is holistic remedies that treat the body as a whole to identify the root causes and eradicate them.                                

Ovarian Cyst

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