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Ovarian Cyst With Honeycomb: RISKS And Treatment

In this article we have discussed in detail about ovarian cyst with honeycomb

Formation of multiple ovarian cysts often gives the appearance of honeycomb. This is the reason why the term ovarian cyst with honeycomb has come up. This may happen during two distinct episodes involving the ovary. The initial case may perhaps involve polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS where irregular periods associated with too much testosterone produces male-like hair distribution or hair loss. However, women with varying degrees of PCOS usually have out-of-the-way aspects of the disorder.

Ovarian Cyst With Honeycomb

When viewed through ultrasound, the ovary may contain very few scattered cysts or it may be encumbered with such a large number of follicles and cysts that it ultimately resembles a honeycomb. However, this is rather rare although most young women with PCOS have numerous small cysts present in their ovaries. The most characteristic discoveries with these women are a marked increase in testosterone.

Ovarian cyst with honeycomb appearance is also associated with endodermal sinus tumor of the ovary, usually known as yolk sac tumor or cyst. Since these tumors grow rapidly, symptoms are not long lasting and, therefore, require faster investigations. The usual symptoms include heavy abdominal mass with pain. Customary tumor diameter ranges from seven to twenty eight cm with a median of 15 cm. The cut surface of the tumor has solid cystic areas as also extensive hemorrhaging necrosis with cysts varying in diameter from a few millimeters to 2 cm, scattered all through the tissue, giving the tumor a honeycombed look.

However, later research on the ovarian cyst with honeycomb topic has demonstrated that women suffering from PCOS develop other problems too, besides turning infertile or having irregular periods. It also indicated a link between the weakening of the effects of insulin and excessive production of testosterone in women with PCOS. In fact, an 'insulin resistance' syndrome grows inside the body that urges the pancreas to generate more insulin. This extra insulin tends to excite various organs that are usually not so responsive to insulin. But when it comes to the ovaries, the testosterones create havoc by demonstrating male hormone-like effects - rough hair growth, deepening of the voice, acne and worst of all, disruption of the usual ovulation and the normal menstrual cycle. In the ovaries, its effects are far reaching. Instead of a single follicle coming on its way to release an egg in the mid-cycle, it is filled with multiple follicles, each vying with the other to ovulate. Such an overloaded ovary tends to create a situation that may give birth to twins or triplets.

Ovarian cyst with honeycomb, or in other words the cysts that appear like honeycomb can be best treated using holistic remedies. The holistic approach has become popular in recent years as a cure for many diseases including ovarian cysts. 'Holism' has been linked to maintaining good health for years now, but it has been integrated with the mainstream 'Health care System' is a recent development. The fact is, the holistic approach cures cysts in the ovary completely, and it also prevents its occurring through altered diet, healthy habits and change of lifestyle. Holistic method is not merely a technique adopted in curing a disease condition; it is an ideal concept for doing so, involving a mighty lot of factors that govern our bodily functions.

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