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Suffering From Ovarian Cyst While Taking Birth Control?

Read this article to know about the relationship between birth control pills and ovarian cysts.

Research has proved that women who take regular birth control pills are less susceptible to ovarian cysts than women who don't. Ovarian cysts are generally benign in nature, they are small sacs filled up with fluids on the inside of the ovary. A cyst occurs when for some unusual reason the egg is not released from the sac, or when even the egg is released the opening again gets closed, and the sac continues to grow.

Ovarian Cyst While Taking Birth Control

As mentioned earlier in most cases ovarian cysts are harmless in nature and in fact they disappear on their own in a few weeks time. But sometimes a cyst might become very large, might twist on it self, burst or cause a rupture. It might even be cancerous in nature. In cases the situation can become very dangerous and even fatal.

The presence of a cyst is generally not noticed till maybe it comes up on a scan or during a routines pelvic examination. But once a cyst has been found it should never be ignored. In most cases cysts disappear completely without any or little treatment. But in many cases doctors prescribe birth control pills for the cure of ovarian cysts.

How do Birth Control Pills Work

Birth control pills are actually nothing much condensed forms of the hormones progesterone and estrogen. They gain control over the menstrual cycle. By taking birth control pills, the ovaries are prevented from releasing the eggs. Since there's no ovulation the woman can't get pregnant. In the same way since the ovaries are not releasing any eggs the formation of cysts just doesn't occur.

But there are many disadvantages too while taking birth control pills. In many cases though not in every one but many might fee.

What are the disadvantages?

1. Irregular bleeding

2. A feeling of nausea and vomiting

3. Weight gain

4. An unnatural swelling in the breast and tenderness

5. Depression

6. Headaches

7. High blood pressure

8. Dizziness

Though birth control pills do help in preventing cysts yet it is not the ultimate solution. There have been cases where in spite of taking birth control pills cysts have occurred. And birth control pills can't actually cure the cysts. In fact the conventional treatments only try to cure the symptoms rather than trying to reach and eliminate the root cause of these ovarian cysts.

The holistic approach tries to eliminate the root causes of the ovarian cysts and thus eliminating every symptom in the process. The holistic approach is gaining more and more popularity also because of the absence of any side effects or disadvantages. The holistic approach tries to achieve not only physical health but also takes care of the mental and spiritual health of the person. The holistic approach believes in an over all approach. Since there are various causes of ovarian cysts, the holistic approach brings an emotional, physical and mental balance and thus eliminating the causes that lead to the cysts.

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