Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Ovarian And Weight Gain SURPRISING Connection

Discover the hidden relationship between ovarian cyst and weight gain

Every month in fact the body of a woman produces an ovarian cyst. It is in fact a part of the normal procedure of ovulation. The ovaries have follicles, basically sacs that contain the undeveloped egg and fluids. Every month during the child bearing years a woman's body produces hormones that make this follicle grow and the egg to mature. The follicle ruptures it self once the egg is matured and releases it.

Ovarian Cyst Weight Gain

The problem occurs when due to some reason the follicles does not release the egg, or when though the egg is releases the opening of sac reseals again with fluid still inside it. In such cases the follicle continues to grow and forms a cyst.

In most cases ovarian cysts don't have any symptoms, and they are usually benign in nature i.e. they are harmless. Generally the detection of cysts is accidental during a regular pelvic check up or during an ultra sound examination which in fact might have been suggested for some other reason. These cysts generally disappear in a few months' time with little or treatment. Yet in some rare cases the cyst might turn complicated or even be malignant in nature. In such cases immediate and appropriate treatment is required.

Though generally it is hard to detect the presence of benign cysts and they do not harm but still there remains a small chance of rupture or bursting, some cysts also have a tendency to twist which can lead lots of discomfort and severe pain. There are some basic symptoms which might be helpful for you to understand your case:

Irregular menstruation

Pain in the pelvic area

The woman might start looking less feminine

Urge to Urinate more often

Some other symptoms include Tenderness in breast area

Nausea, and vomiting, dizziness, weakness

Severe pain during intercourse

A bloated feeling

Weight gain

Weight Gain

The presence of cysts can make a woman gain much weight. A large cyst can at times make a woman look pregnant. In fact because of some similarities in the symptoms, in early stages a woman might mistake her condition for being pregnant though in fact she might be suffering from ovarian cysts in reality.


These cysts have a tendency of growing really big. They are generally two to six inches in diameter but they can grow bigger than that and cause the abdomen to swell. These cysts are more common in women in the age group of 30 - 40, but any woman in her child bearing age can suffer from this particular type of cyst. Generally the Cystadenomas doesn't have any symptoms. They get detected when they grow large enough to get noticed.

Ovarian cysts also cause an imbalance in the hormone levels which can lead to the growth of facial hair, a woman starting to look more masculine and weight gain. A sudden weight gain overnight without any specific change in diet should definitely be checked by a medical practitioner.

The best way to treat this situation is by opting for the holistic approach. All the complications and symptoms that rise due to the formation of ovarian cysts can be treated and cured. Conventional methods of treatment like surgery might remove the cyst for the time being but it does not prevent it from recurring again. Neither does it give any guarantee regarding the correction of the hormone imbalance in the body.

Do also remember that ovarian cyst surgeries may come with complications. So always consider this before opting for surgery.

On the other hand the holistic approach addresses the root cause instead of just curing the symptoms. Ovarian cysts might be caused due to a plethora of reasons. The holistic approach finds out the root cause and eliminates it thus preventing the recurrence of cysts as well as their symptoms.

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