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Ovarian Cyst Ultrasound:
Is it Effective?

The term ovarian cyst ultrasound might seem scary. But it is a procedure that involves no cuts or pain. The whole procedure gets over in about 45 minutes, and it only involves the application of a lubricating jelly on your skin. It helps increase the contact between your skin and the probe, which the doctor uses to get a picture of the cysts.

The procedure of ovarian cyst ultrasound involves the use of sound to get an image. The frequency of the sound used is so high that we cannot actually hear it. This sound is passed through the skin and it can easily pass through the soft tissues, but is reflected when it meets a dense mass on its way. This sound which is reflected back is captured to give an image on the screen.

The probe that is used to pass this sound looks like a big pen, and it stays connected with the ultrasound machine. As the probe moves on your body, you'll be able to see images of your internal organ on the screen by your bed.

Your doctor might recommend an ultrasound if he/she encounters a swelling during your routine pelvic examination. An ultrasound will help determine if you are actually suffering from the ovarian cyst syndrome, or even the polycystic ovarian syndrome. The ultrasound helps to determine the size, location and other characteristics of the cyst. The ultrasound basically helps in diagnosing the problem, which is in fact the most vital part of ovarian cyst management .

Cyst treatment can best be achieved through the holistic approach. The holistic mode of treatment treats the body as a whole and removes the root-causes of the problem, thus making sure that the cysts never return. Holistic treatments work better than conventional therapies and also a natural remedy for ovarian cyst.

                               Ovarian Cyst Ultrasound

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Ovarian Cyst Ultrasound

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