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Ovarian Cyst Ultrasound: Initial Diagnosis is Crucial to Your Health

Read all about the ultrasound exam and how it identifies a cyst in the ovary

Ovarian cysts are very common and part of a normal proceedings among women of the child bearing age. In fact the ovarian cysts are nothing but the follicles that contain the still maturing eggs. Once the eggs are matured enough they are released from the follicles. This is the normal process. The problem arises when due to some reason the follicle does not release the egg or when after the egg is released the follicle again closes up and continues to grow. When such a situation occurs the follicle becomes a cyst. A cyst is filled up with fluids; rarely does it have solid components.

Ovarian Cyst Ultrasound

In most cases the ovarian cysts are benign in nature. They are harmless and most women don't even realize that they are living a completely normal live with cysts in their ovaries. In normal cases the cysts don't even give any symptoms. And in most cases such cysts are only detected during regular pelvic examinations or during an ovarian cyst ultrasound examination suggested for some other reason altogether.

In some cases though there are symptoms such as abdominal pain, irregular periods, pain during sex. If the cyst becomes very big then the patient will gain lots of weight, there would be pain other places such as in the hips, the pelvic area an urge to urinate often as the cyst starts putting pressure on the other organs. In very rare situations the cyst might twist on itself, burst or cause a rupture thus creating a serious condition. Very rarely is a cyst found to be malignant or cancerous in nature, generally cysts are benign.

But whether it is a benign cyst or a malignant cyst, the appropriate treatment is required and that is possible only through the right diagnosis is very important. Ultrasound helps in diagnosing cysts.

Ovarian Cyst Ultrasound

The ultrasound works by directing sound waves towards the organs. The echoes that are produced because of this sound wave are used to produce and image onscreen. Tissues that are thicker in nature appear lighter on the screen. Since cysts are full of fluid, doctors can easily differentiate between a cyst and a tumor from the ultrasound images.

It is more than 35 years now that ultrasound technology is being used. And it is completely safe and does not cause any kind of harm. Many people suffer from the misconception that ultrasound uses radioactivity. It is completely false, as mentioned above ultrasound uses sound waves to produce the image onscreen.

To get the right diagnosis trans-vaginal ultrasound technology is used. In trans-vaginal ovarian cyst ultrasound the doctor inserts a slender wand like device in the vagina. This is used to produce images of the ovaries and uterus. These images can be viewed on a video screen. The doctor then analyses these images to ascertain if a cyst is present or not. Ultrasound examination does not cause any pain, unless there is pain already present due to the cyst.

But the right diagnosis is only the beginning, appropriate treatment is most important. For many years women only had faith on conventional modes of treatment. But with time it is being proved that the conventional modes are not the ultimate solution. In fact the conventional modes of treatment only try to cure the symptoms and don't bother about the root cause of the cysts. Because of this particular reason conventional medications can't guarantee that the cysts won't come back again.

When it comes to ovarian cysts the holistic approach is the best approach. The holistic approach doesn't concentrate only on the symptoms rather it addresses the root cause and eliminates it completely. Ovarian cysts can be caused by various different factors ranging from physical, to environmental, to emotional reasons. The holistic approach is based on the overall growth and development of the physical, emotional and spiritual self.

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