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What is Ovarian Cyst Septation?
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The presence of ovarian cysts is a common occurrence in women of reproductive age. However most of them are unaware of the presence, as ovarian cysts are generally asymptomatic and harmless. However sometimes, they might cause severe pain, heavy bleeding, bloating and heaviness in the abdominal area. Ovarian cysts and back pain are also related.

Generally ovarian cysts resolve themselves in a few months, but malignant cysts, large cysts, and the ovarian cyst septation syndrome might require surgical intervention.

Ultrasound and laparoscopy helps in diagnosing the cysts. Ultrasound helps in determining the characteristics of the cyst, its growth, location, type etc. In the case of the ovarian cyst septation syndrome, this can be helpful.

Septated ovarian cysts are basically cysts that are divided into parts or segments with walls in between. Ultrasound helps to assess the thickness of these walls. This is very important as the thickness of the walls helps in determining the chances of the septated cyst turning cancerous. The thicker the walls, the more the chance of the cyst turning malignant.

After determining the characteristics of the septated cyst, the doctors generally recommend surgical removal of the cyst . Laparoscopy is performed to remove the cyst. If the cyst is large then your doctor might suggest laparotomy.

If your doctor has suggested surgical intervention as the mode of treatment for your septated ovarian cyst, then make sure to ask him/her about the pros and cons involved.

The best way to get rid of the ovarian cyst syndrome is through the holistic method. The holistic approach is devoid of any side effects, and it addresses the root causes of the problem, unlike the conventional treatments that only treat the symptoms. Thus by identifying and removing the root-causes, the holistic approach makes sure that the cysts never return.

                               Ovarian Cyst Septation

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Ovarian Cyst Septation

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