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Ovarian Cyst:
Description, Causes and Pictures

Evaluation of ovarian cysts in the form of images is the first criteria towards treatment and cure of this common female reproductive malady. The initial step towards achieving this goal involves Transvaginal ultrasound of the stricken ovary and analyzing the same for diagnostic purposes. However, ultrasound can give only deflected form of images as sound waves are allowed to travel right up to the affected organ, hit them there and show the result either on a monitor or via specially developed plates.

If these are not found satisfactory or seem confusing, the doctor often go for Computed Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to ensure proper diagnosis and selection of the right treatment. In cases where malignancy is suspected, these form a part of the routine investigation. While dermoid cysts can be consistently diagnosed both by CT and MRI, the latter is considered to be more superior in demonstrating hemorrhagic lesions and endometrial cysts. But for examination of ovarian carcinoma, CT is preferred more.

When the issue presented consists of benign versus malignant ovarian cysts, the currently added Contrast-enhanced images to MR sequences plays a vital role. It provides better visualization of intra-tumoral architecture that helps differentiating the cancerous from the non-cancerous cystic masses. Also, the clear revelation of the normal size ovary on MR images as provided by both the body-coil as well as the new phased-away coil, help to identify the nature of the follicles and the cysts.

Of course ovarian cyst pictures are not good to look at. But there is no reason to worry as the condition can be treated with holistic remedies. Yes, cyst treatment is best achieved not through natural PCOS treatments or natural treatments, but through holistic remedies that treat the root causes. The other treatments just treat the symptoms and not the real causes and so the cyst often returns.

Ovarian Cyst Pictures

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Ovarian Cyst Pictures

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