Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Ovarian Cyst That Is Not Seen On Ultrasound

Read this article to know why the ultrasound fails to show the cyst.

Ovarian cysts are nothing but small sacs full of fluids. These cysts occur inside the ovaries. Most of the cysts do not cause any kind of harm. But in some rare cases they might lead to bleeding, rupturing, and twisting of the ovaries and severe acute pain.

Ovarian Cyst Not Seen On Ultrasound

As mentioned above these cysts do not cause any symptoms, as a result in most cases the presence of a cyst is found out accidentally, maybe during a regular pelvic check up or on an ultrasound. But there have been cases though very rare where the presence of the cyst has not been detected during the ultrasound examination. Symptoms have been present and patients have been sent for ultrasound but no cyst has appeared and thus the treatment has been delayed till the situation had becomes worse. Laproscopy helps better in diagnosing ovarian cysts.  And it not only helps in diagnosing but also in the treatment of ovarian cysts. Laproscopy is in fact a better option than surgery.

Though in most cases ovarian cysts do not have any symptoms, but still there is a few which might help you to understand your own condition.

  • A bloated feeling
  • Weight gain
  • Constant pain on both sides of the pelvis
  • Excruciating pain during sex
  • Irregular and delayed periods accompanied by severe discomfort and pain
  • Increase in hair all over the body
  • A sharp severe pain in the abdomen, accompanied with fever and nausea, this can happen if the cyst twists or bursts.
  • Hip pain (In some cases)

If you are suffering from these symptoms it is best to go fro a routine pelvic check up, an ultrasound and if the doctor suggests a laproscopy. A laproscopy helps in understand the size, the condition, the exact location of the cyst. A laproscopy is any day a better option than ultra sound.

But all these are just ways that will help you to diagnose the condition. A surgery or even laproscopy might cure that particular cyst but they can never prevent the cysts from returning. They can never guarantee that you won't suffer from ovarian cysts again. The reason being all these conventional methods only look at the symptom, they don't search for the cause and try to eliminate it.

An ovarian cyst is actually caused by various different reasons; it might range from stress, to physical problems, to environmental causes etc. In order to completely cure the ovarian cyst it is necessary to understand the underlying causes. The holistic approach does exactly that. A holistic approach practitioner will treat your case as unique and try to understand the causes that have triggered this particular condition of ovarian cysts in your body. The holistic approach believes that every other person might have different causes fro the problem and every case is unique. Thus, the treatment to will customized according to your needs and conditions. The holistic approach is based on the fact that only a complete well balanced approach towards the emotional, physical and mental health can lead to the elimination of ovarian cyst. While dealing with ovarian cysts the holistic approach is definitely the best.

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