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Why Do We Need To Monitor Ovarian Cyst After Menopause?

An ovarian cyst after menopause though not unusual, still requires immediate medical intervention. Cysts generally should not occur after menopause, as they are related to the cyclical reproductive functions. So, an ovarian cyst menopause should definitely be monitored.

Ovarian cyst after menopause can lead to various symptoms like abdominal pain, pain in the back, constipation, changes in bladder function and the feeling of bloating.

Ovarian cysts occurring before menopause generally disappear on their own in a few months, but this is not the case with ovarian cyst after menopause. Neither do they respond to any hormonal treatments as well.

If you are suffering from ovarian cysts after menopause, then your gynecologist will recommend a sonogram to determine the size and shape of the cyst. A special blood test might also be recommended to determine whether any cancerous cells are present or not. The doctor will need the results before the treatment is suggested. In most cases however, surgery is recommended.

Surgery does not always mean that the cyst is cancerous . However, the chances of the cyst being cancerous increases manifold after a woman hits menopause. Chances of surviving in such cases are higher if the cyst is determined to be in early stage.

Usually doctors perform laparoscopy to treat ovarian cyst menopause. A small incision is made that allows the surgeon to remove the cyst by draining out its contents. However, if the cyst is larger, then a bigger incision is required to be made to completely remove it. It is then sent to the lab to determine whether it is cancerous or not.

However, the best way to treat ovarian cyst is through the holistic mode of treatment, as it does not involve any kind of surgery. And it also removes the root-causes completely, thus making the cysts disappear completely.

                               Ovarian Cyst Menopause

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