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How to Make Ovarian Cyst Management Effective?
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Many women suffer from ovarian cysts but in most cases, the cysts disappear on their own. And there are some cysts that might turn cancerous. But once you understand the nature of ovarian cysts, ovarian cyst management becomes easy.

First Method

The first method involves women who fall in to the reproductive age group and are not on contraceptive pills. The cyst might be the size of an apricot and in a few months time it usually disappears on its own. There are hardly any other symptoms apart from pain - any other symptom might require surgery.

Second Method

Conventional surgery is generally recommended as an option. It is called an ovarian cystectomy.

Third Method

A procedure called endometriosis is used to see if the cyst is caused by the collection of old blood. The case is referred as chocolate cysts or endometria.

Needle Aspiration

About 6% women suffer from the ovarian cystic syndrome after menopause. In such cases, needle aspiration is considered as appropriate management method.


The most important part of ovarian cyst management is diagnosis. This involves the determination on whether the cyst is benign in nature or malignant in nature.

Ovarian Cytology

The reliability of ovarian cytology is still to be proved. However, it has been proved to be effective in the case of de Brux, such as involving instant fixation for avoiding uninterruptible cells, and double configuration.

Final Alternative

The final alternative for ovarian cyst management is the holistic mode of treatment. It is definitely the best, as in this method, the root cause of the problem is removed, thus removing any chance of the recurrence of ovarian cyst.

                               Ovarian Cyst Management

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