Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

What is Ovarian Cyst Laparoscopy?

Ovarian cysts are small sacs filled with fluid. If the cyst is not causing any pain or symptoms, then your doctor will probably suggest you to wait for a month or two to see if the cyst disappears on its own. Generally, cysts are benign in nature and they disappear on their own. But malignant or large cysts may require surgical intervention.

Your doctor might suggest an ovarian cyst laparoscopy to see the nature of the cysts. In this procedure, a thin telescopic lighted device called a laparoscope will be inserted through a very small incision in your abdomen.

Depending on the findings, a procedure called laparoscopic fenestration may be recommended. In this procedure the same small incision is used to remove the cyst by draining out its contents. The contents are then sent to the lab to determine whether the cyst is malignant in nature.

If the findings suggest the occurrence of ovarian cyst rupture symptoms like spilling of the cyst or there is a fear of the cyst bursting, then a procedure called laparotomy is suggested. It is a much serious operation involving a larger cut across the top of the pubic hair growth. In this procedure, the surgeon gets a better access to the cyst. The cyst is completely removed and sent to the lab for analysis.

The best way to heal an ovarian cyst syndrome is through the holistic approach. Holistic mode of treatment removes the root cause from within, and this completely removes the problem. Conventional medications, and natural PCOS treatments only removes the symptoms without dealing with the actual problem.

                               Ovarian Cyst Laparoscopy

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Ovarian Cyst Laparoscopy

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