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Ovarian Cyst and Fibroid:
How Are They Different?

It is important not to confuse fibroids and ovarian cysts , precisely because they are similar in many on the surface.

Muscle tissue forming benign tumors are fibroids. They vary widely in size, may make intercourse painful, put pressure on the bladder, causes bleeding, and hinder child-bearing. Fibroids are related to estrogen production. They occur most when it is highest - in women who can have a child, but are at an advanced age. Declining estrogen after menopause tends to shrink them, while women below 20 rarely have them. But up to 50% women may have them sometime.

Ovarian cysts form when follicles, or little ovarian sacs containing the eggs, fail to release them or, after release, close up and remain. Cyst may contain a variety of fluid (including dark blood), fat, and types of tissue. Though nearly always harmless, but like fibroids, some do indeed spell danger to other organs, to life and reproduction.

Both have systemic causes - genetic predisposition, infections or environment and lifestyle related consequences of stress, diet, sedentary habits, etc.

Rushing to remove either fibroids or the ovarian cyst syndrome surgically, or for that matter, by any therapy that is focused on the symptoms alone is not a good idea. Neither of these can ultimately guarantee non-recurrence.

It seems that the only thing that works for cyst removal is holistic remedies. It works better than conventional therapies and also natural treatments for PCOS. Treating the body as a whole, holistic remedies eradicated the root causes, and once achieved, the cyst never come back.

                               Ovarian Cyst Fibroid

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