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Ovarian Cyst Dermoid: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The dermoid ovarian cyst  looks scarier than it actually is. It sometimes resembles a miniature human made of dense fluid, and there is hair and even teeth inside. It may also have thyroid tissues and sweat glands. However, its looks depend on its composition.

The surprise may be greater because it may remain unnoticed until revealed by medical inspection, signaled by irregular menstruation accompanied by severe pain, weight gain or other suspicious symptoms.

Because it happens mostly to young women, it raises unfounded fears about loss of fertility. In fact, it is usually harmless and treatable. The downside is that, it is still a tumor - though benign in nature. Besides, it can cause emergencies if it accidentally ruptures. Close monitoring and timely treatment is the safe option. There can be cases of complicated ovarian cyst also, and thus, they should never be ignored. Cyst treatment should always be a priority.

How should you treat a dermoid ovarian cyst? The conventional and most frequent solution is surgical removal, because there are few other options in conventional therapy. It is also a quick remedy, and one that is frequently attractive to many.

However the fact is, surgery should be less than satisfactory because it does not really guarantee non-recurrence. The internal process that caused it once can cause it again.

To put an end to that systemic process, you need to treat your whole system. The good news is, such an approach is possible with holistic remedies. While natural treatments for ovarian cyst and also conventional medications just treat the symptoms, and not the root causes, the cyst often returns. With holistic remedies however, the results are permanent.

                               Ovarian Cyst Dermoid

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Ovarian Cyst Dermoid

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