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Brown Discharge Can Be A Troublesome Sign Of Ovarian Cysts

Read this article to know everything about the brown discharge and ovarian cysts

Despite the fact that many women, during their childbearing age are affected with ovarian cysts, most of them are not even aware of such conditions since the majority of the cysts are nontoxic, risk-free and benign i.e. non-cancerous and asymptomatic. But there are others that could turn malignant (cancerous) anytime.

Ovarian Cyst Brown Discharge

Although their presence can be revealed during routine medical check up, proper diagnosis is often required to know their actual nature for determining whether their treatment through holistic method or surgical removal is necessary. However, one may do well to know that there are two basic types of ovarian cysts: the functional and the abnormal.

While the functional cysts are the most common form of ovarian cysts found in the majority of adult females that resolve on their own, the abnormal cysts often persist, creating problems for their hosts. One of those that create troubles is aptly termed 'chocolate cyst' since they contain stale blood accumulated within for months together. In reality they are endometrial cysts that adhere to the ovaries and tend to burst, discharging their dark-brown contents. Here is a perfect example of what happens then, as posted by a patient.

This month I started my period on July 1..and  finished on July 4... this is quite normal for me .. a 4 day cycle. I was fine on July 5, but on July 6, it seemed like I started again.

This time it was not so heavy..
 just a small amount of a pinkish-brownish discharge.   Two years ago, I had a chocolate cyst that ruptured and leaked a brownish fluid for about 10 days, giving slight pain in my left side with a very bloated feeling.

However, the pathogenesis of a classic ovarian endometriosis is rather controversial. While one section of experts believe that perforating the ones that are referred to as chocolate cysts may spill the adhesions that may lead to the peritoneal endometriosis getting spread, others contradict by suggesting that adhesions are not caused, but happen due to endometriomas. In most cases (as much as 90%), the pseudocyst is formed when the menstrual debris gets accumulated from the bleeding and the shedding of implants that are active where inversion happens - because of this there is progressive invagination in the ovarian cortex. Yet another view presented by a team of eminent doctors suggests that large endomertiomas (chocolate cysts) may also develop due to the functional cyst in the ovary's secondary involvement in the endometriotic course.

Leaving aside the controversies about the origin of ovarian 'chocolate cysts', one may be reasonably assured of the fact that the endometrial chocolate cysts are often responsible for brown, chocolate colored discharge that are nothing but accumulated stale blood, stored so long within the cyst.

Have you ever considered trying holistic remedies as a cure for ovarian cysts? You can do so because it seems that holistic remedies are indeed the most successful when it comes to treating the cysts efficiently, quickly, safely, painlessly and without any side effects too. Holistic remedies treat the body as a whole and identify the real causes of the disease and then treat them. And because of this, once the cyst goes, it does not come back. But this approach goes beyond just offering a medical remedy - it shows the person how to remain physically and mentally fit too.

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