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Can Ovarian Cyst Lead To Ovarian Cancer? The ANSWER Is Here

Read this article to have all the information you need to know on ovarian cyst and ovarian cancer.

Although there are many theories about the causes of ovarian cancer, none of them ever raise any accusing finger at the inoffensive ovarian cyst. Ovarian cysts may cause intense pain, heavy bleeding and other distressing symptoms but they are usually never linked with carcinoma. Nevertheless, it is the 5th leading cause of cancer death in women while more than 25000 females are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year.

Ovarian Cyst And Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a malignant tumor located in the ovaries that typically spreads to local nymph nodes, eventually covering other tissues. It can occur in adult women of any age, but women above 60 have greater risk of having ovarian cancer. Though the actual cause of ovarian cancer is still rather vague in medical science, indications such as (a) Family history (when a close blood relative has had ovarian cancer); (b) Excessive intake of fertility drugs like Clomiphene; (c) Childbearing status (having never conceived or having children much later in life) and (d) Age (35 to 55 years) prove positive towards having ovarian cancer.

A recently published medical theory on the topic sounds quite interesting and, therefore, is referred here. According to this theory, most of our disease conditions originate in our thalamus while with interstitial necrosis in the ovary, the origin is present in occipital-base cerebral medulla near the midbrain. Since cerebral medulla controls all the organs, the interstitial ovarian necrosis is also controlled from the same cerebral medulla that causes tissue loss at the early stage. The immediate result of this is amenorrhea or a situation where there is no menstruation.

Similar to some organs directed by the mesodermal cerebrum, the loss of tissue is reimbursed with fresh cell growth during the secondary phase when ovarian necrosis gets filled up with the tissue of the interstitial mesodermal, thus creating cysts of varying sizes. On account of the multiplicity of the cells in the ovary in the fluid state, the ovarian cysts are mistakenly labeled as 'ovarian cancer'. Worse still, observing their fast growth, some go to such extent as to declare a "Fast-growing Ovarian Cancer".

At the next stage, which is the healing stage, the cysts attach themselves to local blood supply organs, thus giving rise to yet another mistaken interpretation, calling this as "Invasive Growth". However, in about nine months, the cysts themselves develop their own supply of blood system and become independent, detaching themselves from the supporting organs. These centimeter thick capsules can then be removed through surgery if they create any problem. Otherwise, these self-supporting cysts would go on producing so much quantities of estrogen that the person may look 10 years less than she actually is.

The best way to fight non cancerous ovarian cysts is through holistic medications. These medications treat the body and the mind and approach the body as a whole and try to remove the cyst and make the person healthier and refreshed. Because of this the natural immunity of the body is also improved and the person can fight diseases better. As opposed to this, conventional medicines just treat the symptoms and as a result, what caused the cyst is never known. Holistic remedies attempts to find out all the contributing factors of the cyst and then finds out ways to beat each one of them. Thus, the holistic approach is more scientific and it provides better results too.

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