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The Link Between Ovarian Cyst And Heavy Period REVEALED

Read this article to know about the relationship between ovarian cysts and heavy periods.

Women usually develop growths that are known as cysts in or on their ovaries that are fluid-filled or semi-fluid filled blister-like sacs as can be viewed through ultrasonography. Though they are mostly benign (non-cancerous) often going away on their own, some may create problems like severe abdominal pain and heavy menstrual bleeding. The amazing part of the whole story is that most women are not even aware of their carrying ovarian cysts till routine abdominal examination reveals their presence. Of course, in some cases, when cysts grow to abominable sizes, their presence becomes obvious to all.

Ovarian Cyst And Heavy Period

Ovarian cysts may also cause heavy bleeding during periods on account of a number of reasons. Whether hormonal imbalance causes the cysts to grow on the ovary or cysts create hormonal imbalance in the body still remains a debatable issue, one thing is clear cysts and hormonal imbalance go hand in hand. Now, imbalance of hormones progesterone and estrogen in females often lead to over-buildup of endometrium or the uterine lining. When this lining is routinely shed during menstruation, the thick lining that contained extra blood also comes away, resulting in heavy bleeding. Abusive intake of hormones to treat ovarian cysts may also result in heavy bleeding at the time of the menstrual period. 

Some abnormal ovarian cysts that grow with blood and fluids encased within them gets twisted or ruptured, spilling their contents (mostly blood) inappropriately. This blood may come out through the vagina in the form of a hemorrhage on days not coinciding with normal period.

Some endometrial cysts adhere to the ovaries, filled with stale blood and when they rupture or burst, they discharge their dark brown chocolate colored contents and the woman is shocked to observe a heavy bleeding of a chocolate colored fluid coming out of their body.

Holistic remedies are the best way to treat equine ovarian cysts. The fact is, conventional remedies cannot treat the cyst as effective as the holistic approach because they just treat the symptoms and never go deeper. But this is necessary because the cyst may be formed due to many causes and so an investigation of them becomes crucial. The holistic system treats the body as a whole and investigates all the causes and then treats all of them separately. And not only that, the holistic approach also treats the mind and the spirit apart from the health to enhance the health of the woman and ensures that the cyst never returns again.

Abnormal bleeding, during the period or at other times is never good news. It may indicate that the person has cysts in the ovary. Get the real causes properly found out and treat it effectively with holistic remedies.

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