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Suffering From Ovarian Cysts After Nova Sure Treatment?

What is Nova sure and what happens when there is an ovarian cyst. Read on to know more.

Though often described as unethical, Nova sure or Novasure has brought relief to many women suffering from menorrhagia (excessive bleeding at the time of menstruation) which is not life-threatening as such but nevertheless is a forerunner of many disease conditions in otherwise healthy females.

Ovarian Cyst After Novasure

Nova sure system which is patented is actually a next generation (or a high technology) device which employs the energy of radio frequency that is precisely measured and this frequency is passed on through a catheter that can be hand held. This is a thin device that removes the lining of the endometrial. Known as endometrial ablation, it's a clinical process which is carried out to reduce and/or eliminate too much bleeding during menstruation by way of ablating the uterus's endometrial lining.

The treatment lasts for just 90 seconds, and it is unbelievably brief than any existing endometrial ablation remedy in which no medications or preparations of the uterine lining are necessary. The standard procedure lasts a little more than five minutes, and there is no need for even any general anesthesia, thus ensuring quick release of the patient who may start resuming her normal daily activities. Because of this, the woman can seek this treatment as a day care patient in most hospitals and clinics. Of course, this is meant for women who have not attained menopause and are within the age group when they can still have a baby.

However, the answer to the burning question of whether this inhibits ovarian cysts, could be a yes and a no. Here is a glaring example concerning the dilemma, as posed by a patient who had recently undergone Nov sure treatment.

However, studies have revealed that since the ablation involves the uterus and not the ovaries where ovarian cysts usually form, Novasure can not prevent formation of cysts. But the fact remains that many women who had undergone Novasure treatment have confidently affirmed that they have got rid of ovarian cysts after Novasure. Meanwhile a team of specialists have come to the conclusion that the ablation procedure creates certain changes in the hormones that prevent cysts to form in the ovaries. The topic, therefore, appears debatable and requires further research.

Holistic remedies are the best way to treat ovarian cysts. The fact is, conventional remedies cannot treat the cyst as effective as the holistic approach because they just treat the symptoms and never go deeper. But this is necessary because the cyst may be formed due to many causes and so an investigation of them becomes crucial. The holistic system treats the body as a whole and investigates all the causes and then treats all of them separately. And not only that, the holistic approach also treats the mind and the spirit apart from the health to enhance the health of the woman and ensures that the cyst never returns again.

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