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Natural Treatment For PCOS:
Fact or Fiction?

Ovarian cysts usually form in women who are able to get pregnant. The ovarian cyst syndrome is normally seen in all those who have a genetic predisposition, insulin resistance, or a weak immune system that has become more vulnerable because of their lifestyle and exposure to environmental toxins including contaminants in food.

These cysts, including PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome ), are not usually or necessarily caused by one factor alone. The fact is, the formation of cysts has to do with a combination of several factors, and even these don't affect every person in identical ways.

Conventional treatment has standard responses to various ovarian cysts. There are diagnostic and clinical tests that are followed by drug therapies and surgical procedures, tailored to those findings. In recent decades, the imperfections and failures of conventional treatments, including surgery, have prompted some to look for a natural remedy for ovarian cyst so as to replace synthetic with natural chemicals and reduce toxicity and the possible side effects.

Their focus is on herbs and other natural ingredients that will perform more or less the same functions as conventional medications. Some of these may even be successful in a limited way.

As they pertain to PCOS, some of these may succeed in reducing weight, with a cascade of positive effects on hormonal levels, serum insulin, hirsutism, ovarian function and fertility.

But the problem with natural treatments is that, they basically target the symptoms, without really trying to find out what the real causes are. And so, the cysts often come back, even after they have gone with treatment. Holistic remedies on the other hand treat the body as a whole and get rid of the root causes, and thus the results are always best.

Natural Treatment For PCOS

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Natural Treatment For PCOS

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