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Natural Treatment of PCOS:
Pros and Cons

Natural PCOS treatments tend to be both lauded and trashed for the wrong reasons. Failures or defects in conventional treatments of PCOS anger dissatisfied patients - for instance those cases where there are unexpected relapses or failure to restore fertility. Some criticism is no doubt justified. There is also no evidence that any conventional medical treatment or dietary regime has yet found any way to prevent ovarian cysts as a whole, much less PCOS, with a 100% guarantee.

The conventional-medical establishment will often admit to limits of its capabilities. It will point to overall success scores, ongoing research, new breakthrough drugs, successes of clinical trials, etc. in attempts to raise hopes for the future.

Part of it will then go further and attack the natural-remedies medical community and its backers as faddists and superstitious, insufficiently rooted in scientific method, and incapable of putting its methods or therapies to scientific clinical trials.

Unfortunately, many of these barbs are deserved. There are people who latch on to various "herbal wonder cures " that turn out less than wondrous.

With reference to natural PCOS treatments, we need to bear in mind the following:

PCOS is a particularly stubborn manifestation with complex causes, which could be genetic, pathogenic, environmental or emotional, varying with individuals. 

Matching therapy to individual, natural treatment focuses on underlying causes of PCOS symptoms, not just on removing cysts. It requires a regime of herbal and natural drugs, diet, exercise and living habits to restore natural mind-body balance. It is only through holistic remedies that the ovarian cyst syndrome can be cured permanently. Natural treatments for PCOS and conventional treatments do not work because they treat the symptoms, and not the root causes, which is what holistic remedies do.

Natural PCOS

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Natural PCOS

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