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Multiple Ovarian Cysts: An Insight

Ovarian cysts are by no means unusual. Most women have them anyway. They shock because they are usually unnoticed until turned up in routine imaging. Even then however, they should cause no great anxiety. They are harmless, and spontaneously disappear without fuss.

In some cases however they do not go away and can become 'chocolate cysts' . They attain this color because they get filled with stale blood. The cysts mostly do disappear unless they twist, rupture and bleed into the ovarian or uterine or visceral space. Then they pose other problems and become a complicated ovarian cyst.

Sometimes though, multiple ovarian cysts are formed because they lose the ability to release mature eggs. Many cysts develop successively and exist at the same time. Worse, multiple cysts could trigger complex disorders as well.

The condition of multiple cysts is the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). What is seen most often is enlarged ovaries, and there are many fairly small cysts in clusters within a thicker outer skin. What this particular ovarian syndrome involves is multiple dysfunctions of hormonal and organ systems.

What it most often invites is, first, close monitoring to see how the cyst evolves. And secondly, medication is prescribed to keep the cysts benign, and finally, the process of either surgical or chemical cyst removal.

The problem with all complex cysts of this kind is that, their underlying causes can be more numerous and interrelated, which throws up issues that straightforward removal cannot solve. It may trigger adverse side-effects, and worse, there may be a recurrence of multiple ovarian cysts.

Successful cyst treatment is only possible through holistic remedies that treat the body as a whole to get rid of all contributing factors. Conventional as well as a natural remedy for ovarian cyst on the other hand just treat the symptoms and not the root causes. This is precisely why holistic remedies work best for ovarian cysts.                                

Multiple Ovarian Cysts

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Multiple Ovarian Cysts

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