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Medicines For Ovarian Cyst: Discover The SAD TRUTH About The Ovarian Cyst Medicines Trap

Read this article to find out about the best medicines for ovarian cysts.

Various types of ovarian cysts grow in women for various reasons. While some of them, like the follicular cysts that resolve on their own, needing very little or no treatment, some create problems, like the dermoid or the endometriod that may have to be surgically removed for the safety of the patient.

Medicines For Ovarian Cyst

Then there are malignant or cancerous cysts that can lead to ovarian cancer and so are removed as soon as diagnosed. As a matter of fact, the model treatment of ovarian cysts depends on the age of the person, the type and size of the cyst and its manifestation on ultrasound.

Though birth control pills may prevent the growth of new cysts, whether they have any effect on already grown cysts remains debatable. However, some argue that that the 'pill' can make some ovarian cysts to shrink. Briefly speaking, medicines for ovarian cysts may come under four basic categories - (a) Conventional medications; (b) Herbal medication; (c) Alternative medication and (d) Home medications.

Conventional ovarian cysts medications may consist of careful watching of the symptoms through several menstrual cycles with or without the aid of birth control pills or their equivalent hormones, administered orally. Some doctors prescribe vitamins of B complex, particularly B6 as it makes the body more sensitive to hormones. Vitamin E (oil soluble) is also recommended in doses varying from 200 iu to 400 i.u. per day. Some anti-cancer drugs are believed to arrest the growth of cancerous ovarian cysts though they do not have much curative value on the cysts. Antibiotics are often used after surgical removal of cysts in order to control secondary infection at the site.

Since ovarian cysts and the associated agony and pain have been troubling the women folk since time immemorial, numerous types of herbal cures have undergone trial over the centuries. Of these, two formulations are described here, one being of American origin while the other had originated in China. The early American herbal ovarian cure consist of 2 capsules dandelion root, 3 capsules of black cohosh, vitex - 3 capsules, 1 capsule of pau d' arco, 2 capsules of black haw, 1 capsule chaparral and 1 capsule of bee pollen.

The patient is supposed to take this medicine twice daily from the 2nd week of menstrual cycle to the start of the next cycle. The Chinese herbal medicine, locally called Yang He Tang consist of Rehmannia (shoudihuang) 60 gm, Cinnamon bark (rogui) 6 gm, Ma-huang (mahuang) 6 gm, Sinapis (baijeizi) 12 gm, Persica (taoren) 10 gm, Laminaria (kunbu) 10 gm and Zedoria (wzhu) 6 gm. All the above herbs are made into a decoction into which 10 gm of dear antler dust is added before it is taken by the patient.

As for alternative medicine, some of the Homeopathic cures that are widely used for women suffering from ovarian cysts consist of (i) Apis mellifia (additional symptom: numbness down the thigh and persistent urge to urinate); (ii) Belladona (additional symptoms: clutching pain from the left ovary across the pubes and flushed face); (iii) Lachesis (additional symptoms: pain in the left ovary relieved by a discharge from the uterus and pain moving from the left side to the right) and  (iv) Arsenicum (additional symptoms: burning pain in right ovary, relieved by hot application. Patient irritable, restless and thirsty).

Do remember that ovarian cyst surgeries may come with complications. So always consider this before opting for surgery. Medications on the other hand also might have side effects.

Medicines for ovarian cysts work best when they are administered together with holistic remedies. The fact is, medicines can only achieve the best results when the approach is comprehensive, that is, the mind and the body is treated as a whole - and this is what holistic remedies do. This is why the holistic approach is so successful with ovarian cysts.


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