Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Management of Ovarian Cyst:
The Dos and Don'ts

Even though most ovarian cysts are functional, benign (non-cancerous) and harmless, some create problems and so a woman suspected of having such cysts in her ovary, should go for regular monitoring. There are several methods of doing this, which includes ultrasound testing and blood count, especially for a protein called CA125, which is believed to indicate malignancy. Besides, the size of the cyst also means a lot. Studies have revealed that smaller cysts do not usually turn cancerous as against larger ones, where the chances of malignancy appear to be rather high.

Management of ovarian cyst should include keeping regular touch with the gynecologist who may provide information about newer methods for controlling ovarian cysts, fertility clinics to know the easiest way to ovulate (for women affected with PCOS) and adopting holistic mode of living.

Management of ovarian cyst may also include the use of herbs that help ovulation and the maintenance of ovary healthy. Certain herbs like the ChasteBerry or the Dandelion root are known to cure female hormonal imbalance, and they also stimulate the pituitary gland for release of the Leuteinizing Hormone (LH) to offer relief from infertility.

In certain cases, where conventional medication fails to cure the ovarian cyst syndrome, surgery may be prescribed for removal of the offending cyst. Medically termed Cystectomy, this is currently done laparoscopically. Some other innovatory, less invasive surgery like laparoscopic ovarian drilling for spontaneous ovulation has become quite common now.

However the problem is, surgery or other conventional treatments just cure the symptoms, without really going into the causes because of which the cysts are formed. The same is the case with a natural remedy for ovarian cyst as well. Because of this, the cyst often comes back again. It is only holistic remedies that treat the root causes. And so, holistic remedies is most effective with ovarian cysts.                                    

Management Ovarian Cyst

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Management Ovarian Cyst

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