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Living with PCOS?

Life could not be more challenging for a young woman when she misses the menstrual cycle, and wayward hormones and difficult insulin levels are her regular companions. But the problems are not just restricted there. She starts losing her looks and gains weight while unwanted body hair covers her features in a grotesque fashion. And on top of all that, she is denied the status of motherhood, one that gives supreme satisfaction to a woman, irrespective of caste, creed or color.

But that precisely is what stands for the polycystic ovarian syndrome or the ovarian cyst syndrome, which affects a large number of females all over the world. But there is no point in weeping over it for days on end. Instead, they should take the following positive steps to live with their PCOS.

         It is necessary to consult the gynecologist for expert opinion. It may be useful to know about the cyst - its nature, size and contents.

         Discuss fertility problems with fertility specialists to know if any drug or surgery can revive their fertility, or at least help ovulation at an early date.

         Actively join support groups for women who suffer from PCOS that provide them with information about newer drugs or methods that could alleviate the suffering.

         Consider if birth control pills can actually help them to ovulate at regular intervals.

         Give topmost priority to consumption of food and drink, carefully keeping away from those that may aggravate PCOS.

Why live with PCOS, when you can get rid of it permanently? Yes, this is possible, but this cannot be achieved through conventional treatments or natural treatments for PCOS. Holistic remedies are the only answer. Holistic remedies treat the body as a whole and eradicated all the contributing factors, and once they are gone, the cyst goes away too.                                            

Living With PCOS

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Living With PCOS

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