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Liver Cysts: Causes, Description, Symptoms and Treatment

Liver cysts , clinically called Hepatic cysts, consist of thin-walled bubbles or cavities in the liver, which remain either empty or have fluids in them. Since they hardly provide any symptom, people are mostly unaware of their presence in the liver. However, they are often observed in course of investigations that can be undertaken for other diseases. Besides, they are frequently neglected because of their benign nature as also for the reason that they normally do not require any form of treatment. But there is a note of caution. Some other diseases that require urgent therapeutic attention do look like liver cysts, thereby creating a bewildering scenario.

But when hepatic cysts grow in size, they may lead to complications by causing obstruction to bile ducts, while the cyst itself can become infected, causing many complications including abdominal pain, bile duct infection and allied problems. At this stage, there is no other alternative but to remove them surgically.

Hepatic cysts appear to develop on their own and are often congenital, meaning that they are seen even at birth. Some also occur on account of abnormal conditions during fetal development and consequential physiological changes. However, hepatic cysts are also known to develop due to Echinococcosis, Polycystic Kidney Disease , Congenital hepatic fibrosis, Caroli's disease and Choledochal cystisis.

Even though hepatic cysts generally require no treatment, they may be medically monitored to see if they are rapidly increasing in size. If the underlying cause is believed to be echinococosis, the patient should be treated for this, and the cysts carefully removed. If infection persists, antibiotics may be used to arrest them.

The best cyst treatment is possible through holistic remedies. While conventional treatments and natural PCOS treatments treats the symptoms, holistic remedies treat the rot causes. Thus, once these causes are removed, the cyst goes away permanently.                           

Liver Cysts

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Liver Cysts

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