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What are the Different Kinds
of Large Ovarian Cysts?

Even though there are quite a good many ovarian cysts in the female ovaries, but not all of them grow to a very large size, except for a few that are described below. Mind you, these ovarian cysts may pose a problem due to their bulky nature. However, when the woman suffers from the ovarian cyst syndrome, most of the cysts are benign, which means that they are non-cancerous and so are not life-threatening.

Dermoid cysts that are usually filled with human hair, teeth, skin, bones and in some cases with sweat glands too can grow fairly large - up to six inches in diameter. In fact, these are considered more as tumors than as cysts that develop from the egg, thus attaining such bizarre characteristics. However, these tumors or cysts, whatever you may call them, need close monitoring as they tend to turn malignant as they grow.

Cystadenoma cysts that result from abnormal cell growth are attached to the ovaries by a stem. They also become abnormally large. These cysts have a tendency to twist on the stem and rupture, thus causing severe pain and complications. However, they do not produce many symptoms and so you should be careful about them.

Endometrial cysts grow on the lining of the womb in areas other than the womb and are filled with stale blood. They can become bulky as every month during the period they get filled up with blood. These cysts grow up to 8 inches or more in diameter.

Do not neglect large ovarian cysts. Ask for cyst treatment. Conventional treatments and natural PCOS treatments however are not very effective because only the symptoms are cured and not the real causes. Holistic remedies on the other hand treat the body as a whole and get rid of all the contributing factors.                                             

Large Ovarian Cysts

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Large Ovarian Cysts

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