Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Laparoscopic Surgery
in Ovarian Cyst:
Is is REALLY Effective?

Surgery is indicated when ovarian cysts grow indefinitely, create pressure on the urinary bladder or other vital organs that are located within the pelvic area. Surgery is also often prescribed when there is a risk of a sudden rupture. Suspected malignant cysts are also often asked to be removed through surgery.

Even though all these can be achieved through open surgery, laparoscopic surgery is much in demand now because it involves lesser post-operative complications, it is less painful and requires lesser hospital stay. Also, patients who wish to preserve their reproductive organs while going through the surgical operation naturally prefer a least aggressive therapy by choosing laparoscopic surgery.

However, not everyone is fit for laparoscopic surgery. In fact, it depends on the person's age, pelvic condition, appropriate sonographic images as well as serum markers. For instance, a bulky, solid, fixed or asymmetrical mass accompanied by ascites, which is suspected to be malignant, is not suitable for laparoscopic intervention. Moreover, prior to selecting any case for laparoscopy, Ca-125 which is an ovarian cancer marker should be estimated.

Here are some of the limitations of laparoscopy.

         Non-availability of 3-dimensional vision which decreases depth perception

         Absence of tactile sense, which is a key element in detecting malignancies

         Maximum dependence on surgical instruments and their proficiency

         There is an increased risk of cyst rupture

No matter what kind of surgery you are opting for, laparoscopic or otherwise, the best cyst removal procedure is not through surgery. That is because, the cyst often comes back even after surgery. What the surgery is doing is that, it is just removing the cyst, but the contributing factors that caused the cyst remains. They can be removed through holistic remedies and not even through a natural remedy for ovarian cyst . Thus once the contributing factors go away with holistic remedies, the cyst never comes back again.


Laparoscopic Surgery Ovarian Cyst

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Laparoscopic Surgery Ovarian Cyst

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