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What is Kidney Cyst?
Here's the ANSWER.

Even though the Polycystic Kidney Disease or PKD is often inherited from a single or both the parents, one may also find himself/herself affected with Acquired Cystic Kidney Disease or AKCD. Both the disorders are characterized by the formation of many balloon-like sacs (which are actually cysts) in one or both kidneys.

These sacs or cysts are frequently filled with semi-solid materials in place of fluid only. Although it may take several years to develop, these cysts eventually replace most of the kidney cells, as a result of which, the kidney is unable to function in the normal way.

This slow but steady accumulation of wastes ultimately poisons the entire body, and it becomes thoroughly toxic and makes the patient sick. In fact, this stage is clinically referred to as ESRD or the End-stage Renal Disease, which can even be fatal. Survival of the patient depend either through dialysis for cleaning the blood on a regular basis, or kidney transplant, which is considered a rather risky procedure.

Both PKD and AKCD symptoms generally include pain in the back or sides, as also in the abdominal region, frequent urination, large urine volume that is clinically termed polyuria, occasional blood in the urine, headache and severe fatigue due to the development of toxicity in the body.

The kidney cyst cannot be permanently removed through conventional treatments and even through natural treatments for PCOS. The only thing that works is holistic remedies that treats the body as a whole and eradicates all the contributing factors. Once holistic remedies have been able to get rid of the causes, the ovarian cyst syndrome goes away automatically, never to come back again.                                         

Kidney Cyst

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Kidney Cyst

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