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IVF and Ovarian Cysts: Is it A Boon?

Ovarian cysts indirectly make a woman more susceptible to infertility. In such case IVF comes to the aid as on option for such women to get pregnant.


Women affected with ovarian cysts, especially those who suffer from the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome are not able to ovulate, and so cannot conceive. There can be other causes too because of which she is unable to conceive, and reasons could be a 'male factor' or a 'female factor'. Whatever may be the case, the couple may be advised IVF or In vitro fertilization .

In IVF, the woman is injected hormones to increase the number of egg production, and then these eggs are collected and stored in the lab. The male sperm is also collected, and finally, the fertilization takes place in a test tube within the laboratory. Once all the eggs are fertilized, they are kept under close observation by the embryologist for 3 days. On the third day, the healthiest eggs are then pushed back into the female body. Then we have to wait for the due date of the next period to find out whether there is a pregnancy or not.

But before pushing, the embryologist needs to be sure that there are cysts in the ovary, because the ovarian cysts can come in the way of a successful pregnancy. Do keep in mind that the process of IVF is delicate anyway, and the success rate is quite poor. And the presence of cyst can bring it down further. Complicated ovarian cysts have also known to cause miscarriages too, and so it is best not to take a chance.

Cyst removal should thus be a priority if you are opting for assisted reproduction techniques in general, and IVF in particular. Holistic remedies can give you the best results because in this, the contributing factors that caused the cysts are eradicated and so, the cyst never returns. Conventional as well as natural treatments just treat the symptoms, and thus the cyst often comes back, which could be risky.                                  

IVF And Ovarian Cysts

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IVF And Ovarian Cysts

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