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The CONFIDENTIAL Information On Children With Ovarian Cyst

Information on children with ovarian cyst has been gathered from several studies made on the topic that covered teenaged, preteens and neonatal affected with ovarian cysts of varying type and class. While some studies were restricted to assessing the daughter cyst's value, others were more wide-ranging and comprehensive.

Information On Children With Ovarian Cysts

In one of those prospective studies that involved 23 neonates, young female kids aged between 1 day and 36 months, and infants with who had a low abdominal cyst underwent ultrasonography. The test indicated that there was a "daughter cyst" along the cystic masse's wall. Ovarian cyst diagnosis was also made at the same time. However, all the 23 cystic lesions had ovarian cyst, lymphangioma, enteric duplication cyst, enteric cyst, meconium pseudocyst, urachal cyst and hydrometrocolpos. "Daughter cyst" was found in 9 out of 11 ovarian cysts encountered. It corresponded to a follicle in the ovary during the pathological examination.

Another study was made to determine the course of sonographically detected ovarian cysts (larger) in teen aged girls while all pelvic sonograms indicating ovarian cyst during a 6-year period were brought for reviewing, using the following parameters:

(a)  Large cysts were defined as more than 5 cm in dimension or more than 13 cc in volume.

(b)  Follow up and medical data was obtained either from 'over the phone' interview or from the hospital records.

As a result of this, large ovarian cysts were detected in 92 out of 191 girls aged from 3 to 22 years out of which 8 were premenarchal. Surgery was performed on 23 girls with findings of neoplasm in 10. Girls who were managed without surgery and with follow up, 46 of the 51 cysts, decreased in size and in some cases resolved on their own (both simple and complex cysts).

In conclusion, the researchers affirmed that large ovarian cysts in most girl child may be safely followed with pelvic sonography since they are very likely to decrease in dimension or resolve of their own without any medication or invasive surgery. 

Another analysis was carried out with 119 teenage girls by the authorities at the university clinic - out of them the ultrasound examination could detect 144 positive cases of ovarian cysts. Out of these, one group was given gestogen in order to allow of the ovarian cysts as also for treatment of irregular menstruation. While sonography was continued, the site, size, number and type was noted. During analysis, it was found that the cysts were mainly unilocular, unilateral and simple, averaging three cm to five cm in dimension. The concluding part of the analysis affirmed that most cysts in the ovaries of young girls can be treated without any major concern for worry. And those that are even larger than five cms. may not pose any problem. However, occasional hormonal treatment may make the cyst's duration shorter by some extent.

Holistic remedies are the best way to treat equine ovarian cysts. The fact is, conventional remedies cannot treat the cyst as effective as the holistic approach because they just treat the symptoms and never go deeper. But this is necessary because the cyst may be formed due to many causes and so an investigation of them becomes crucial. The holistic system treats the body as a whole and investigates all the causes and then treats all of them separately. And not only that, the holistic approach also treats the mind and the spirit apart from the health to enhance the health of the woman and ensures that the cyst never returns again.

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