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Infertility And PCOS:
The Relation EXPOSED

PCOS affects a woman's ability to conceive at various levels. Read this article to find out how it does so and what needs to be done to curb the damages.


Polycystic ovarian syndrome or the ovarian cyst syndrome affects a woman's fertility, menstrual cycle, hormones, insulin production, heart, blood vessels and even personal appearance. How the damage is done is described briefly in the following lines.

To start with, the follicles (small sac-like units) in a woman's ovary are supposed to hold the ovum or the egg till it matures and releases in time so that it can travel through the fallopian tubes for fertilization. In the process, the follicle dies a normal death or just disintegrates.

However, with PCOS, there is a departure from this normal procedure. Here, the ovary becomes incapable of producing enough hormones to fully mature the egg with the result that it never gets released. The follicle turns into a cyst.

In due course of time, the ovary becomes full of such cysts that prevent it from functioning normally. The hormone called progesterone is not produced and ovulation is stopped. And sans ovulation, pregnancy obviously is a far cry.

And the problem snow balls with each passing day. On the one hand, being deprived of the hormone progesterone, the woman's menstrual cycle goes haywire while on the other, the cysts start producing male hormones (androgens) that triggers a chain of reactions, which give rise to acne, excessive unwanted hair growth, weight gain and added ovulation problems.

The unfortunate part is that, women of childbearing age who are deeply anxious to get pregnant are mostly affected by PCOS that render them infertile for an indefinite time.

Infertility And PCOS

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However, the problem can be solved if a holistic approach is taken to resolve the issue. A permanent cure for ovarian cyst is not possible through conventional medications and also through natural treatments for PCOS. It is holistic remedies, which is the only solution.                      

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Infertility And PCOS

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