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How Big Does An Ovarian Cyst Get Before It Bursts?

In this article we are trying to find out how big a cyst in the ovary can get before it bursts.

Perhaps it is not the size that determines the cause of a cyst burst, but rather circumstantial complications that are responsible for such rare occurrences. While several women have complained that they had been carrying fairly well developed grapefruits in their ovaries (as affirmed by ultrasound and CT scan) that hadn't burst yet, others have been diagnosed with burst 'corpus luteums' smaller than the size of an olive.

How Big Does An Ovarian Cyst Get Before It Bursts

The most surprising incident that created uproar in the medical profession sometime ago concerns a 37 year old female who was diagnosed as having a mucinous cystadenoma cyst that weighed 328 lb or 149 kg which did not burst! In fact, most of these asymptomatic cysts weighing several pounds and varying in different sizes are often found in the form of large abdominal mass during routine check up of women complaining non-specific pelvic pain. And they need not eventually burst.

During the first half of the normal menstrual cycle of 28 days, maturing eggs are taken to the surface of the ovary which is contained within a cyst-like structure called the follicle. Apart from the task of transporting the egg, it also starts producing estrogen, the hormone that stimulates the growth of the uterine lining, so very vital in the implantation of the fertilized egg and development of the embryo. While ovulation takes place, the size or the dimension of the follicle remains no larger than a fully grown olive. The egg is released as the follicle ruptures while the follicular fluid which so far was clear, becomes turbid as it is replaced by blood. A yellowish substance is formed at this stage.

However, if pregnancy does not occur till then, the yellow body takes on a scarred look while the size of the cystic structure that is called the 'corpus luteum' remains no larger than an olive. Sometimes, the process has a tendency to go haywire, resulting in the physiological structure to get filled either with blood or follicular fluid, taking the size of a small plum. These cysts are likely to leak, curl or even cause the ovary to twist. Whether the corpus luteum bursts or not at this stage is the subject matter of great controversy in the medical profession. While one group of medicos strongly argues in favor of such cysts bursting at this point of time, others vehemently object. In fact, a reputed surgeon has openly declared that he had never come upon a burst corpus luteum in all his twenty five years of practice.

No matter what controversies are involved in bursting of the cysts or their size when they burst, there are a few similarities between the customary follicle rupture associated with the release of the egg during a normal menstrual cycle and the consequences when an ovarian cyst bursts. Nevertheless, the real differences are more substantial. While the release of an egg causes minor pain or sparse bleeding, an ovarian cyst that bursts is usually accompanied by considerable pain and more copious bleeding as it is much larger in size than the egg - five to ten centimeters in diameter. So, once again, it is not the size - how big or small for the ovarian cyst to burst but a multitude of other factors that lead to the bursting of an ovarian cyst.

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