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So many women suffer from the ovarian cyst syndrome that it has almost become like the natural thing. In other words, it is assumed that a huge majority of women who are in the child bearing age have cysts in the ovary many times in their lives. However there are some who are luckier than others. They have these growths just a few times. But whatever may be the case, the fact is, it is extremely rare to come across a woman in the child bearing age who has not had the cyst at least once - yes, ovarian cysts are that common.


Though in most cases the cysts are benign, but sometimes they can indeed become a pesky issue. They cause a lot of pain, apart from causing some other complications as well. If you are pregnant and if you have the cyst, then it could come in the way of a safe delivery too. Thus it is always best to seek treatment.


Often many women prefer home remedies for their ovarian cyst because they want to avoid going under the knife. But remember, the ovarian cyst syndrome can be caused because of many contributing factors, and just a surgical removal or even treating one or two of these factors will never help. It is possible that some other factor has remained ignored, and it can in the future trigger the growth. Thus it is necessary to treat all the factors together to eradicate any chance in the future. And this is precisely the approach of holistic remedies - we will go into that a little later.


Here Are Some Home Remedies For Ovarian Cysts


There are some women who try home remedies. As mentioned earlier, they can help, but remember, the approach is not comprehensive. Here are these home remedies anyway.


Perhaps the most popular home treatment of ovarian cyst is the use of birth control pills. This has become extremely popular because even gynecologists prescribe their use. However others point out that the use of oral contraceptives is not the best way to treat the condition. After all, the formation of new cysts can be stopped with this method, but what about those cysts that is already there? Overuse of such pills could also cause other medical complications.


These pills have progestin and estrogen that regulate the process of ovulation and stop the production of eggs. And of course if there is no egg production, there cannot be any ovarian cyst. So if you must take these pills, then do so at a low dose to reduce the side effects. On the other hand, to prevent the development of cyst, the dose has to be considerably higher. So this is often a problem with this line of treatment.


Controlling Your Hormone Production


Try to control the production of hormones within your body. Whole grains are known to be rich in Vitamins E and B and they can adjust the hormonal levels within the body. In fact, both these vitamins can help your ovaries and also the liver too. So often, even when your gynecologist has prescribed some birth control pill, you will also be asked to change your diet and eat more vitamins - particularly E and B. If you cannot have enough of these vitamins at home, you can try some supplements too so that your needs are met.


Using Painkillers At Home To Treat Ovarian Cyst


Some people believe that painkillers such as Advil, Aleve and Acetaminophen can help those who are suffering from the ovarian cyst syndrome. You can buy most of these painkillers over the counter and use them to treat your condition at home. However these painkillers also cause side effects and thus, their use must be kept at a minimum.


NSAID or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs can offer some relief immediately after the symptoms are detected. But they are not without side effects as well such as nausea and giddiness. These drugs can also cause kidney and liver damage.


Heat Therapy And Ovarian Cysts


Heat works very well in different kinds of pain and it can work as a home remedy for ovarian cysts too - at least in reducing the pain. But remember, pain is just a symptom. So, when you are treating the pain, you are not actually treating the cyst, but just its symptom - the problem of cyst will remain, and so the pain can return.


You can use a simple hot water bottle or a heating pad and put it on the mid-riff portion just above the abdomen. Though the cysts will of course not go away, but you will get some relief from the intense pain and discomfort. You may also take a warm bath just before going to bed or soak yourself up at night. This will help you relax and the pain can also go down.


Fiber And Ovarian Cyst


It has been reported that a fiber rich diet can help too. If your diet is not fiber rich, you are making yourself susceptible to the disease. Low fiber diet can also cause constipation and this can make the pain worse. So change your diet and you can get some relief.


There are quite a few home treatments of ovarian cysts. Though these treatments can provide some relief, but the cyst or the real cause why it is growing within the ovary remain unaddressed. The fact is, home remedies and even conventional therapies just treat the symptoms of the problem and not the root causes. Holistic remedies on the other hand treat the contributing factors, and once they are identified and eradicated, the cyst along with the symptoms go away, never to come back again. Holistic treatments thus work best for ovarian cysts.

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