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Can Hives Be An Ovarian Cyst Symptom? The ANSWER Is Here

We are discussing in detail hives and ovarian cyst in this article

Ovarian cysts in women have been associated with different kinds of complications. Even though ovarian cysts mostly occur as functional cysts (i.e., they do not indicate a disease condition), and are usually benign in nature, often going away by themselves, there have been many cases where they have persisted in the human body, have grown in size and ultimately, have led to serious complications. Let's take a look at one such side effect viz. hives.

Hives And Ovarian Cyst

Hives, also known as urticaria or nettle rash, is a dermal disease. In other words, it affects the largest organ of our body, viz. the skin. Hives appear due to some sort of an allergic reaction. Hives can display many symptoms. However, the most prominent symptom is the appearance of red-colored skin wheals or welts, resembling small raised lumps, which can erupt in different parts of the body including the facial region, the throat and the ears. The welts vary widely in size. They usually cause varying degrees of discomfort and in severe cases, may even cause an extreme itching, stinging or burning sensation.

Ovarian cysts have often been linked to hives. Even though conclusive evidence is not yet available to confirm the nexus, many women with advanced cases of ovarian cysts have complained about hives. Ovarian cysts start off by displaying very few to no symptoms at all. But the condition may deteriorate and acute symptoms may start to make themselves visible or felt. Such symptoms include pain in the abdomen and the pelvic region, abnormal or excessive bleeding during periods, increased frequency of urination (caused by an overgrown cyst pressing against the urinary bladder), and more. Outbreak of hives is another symptom. If it occurs, you are advised to undergo a medical exam to determine if it has been caused by ovarian cysts.

Over-the-counter birth control medication, according to various studies and surveys, has been shown to help control the situation. Women who regularly take birth control pills have a lesser chance of developing ovarian cysts. However, opinions vary in this regard and there are many experts who strongly discredit the idea of taking pills for ovarian cysts prevention. This is because stopping ovulation could lead to other forms of complications like PCOS and multiple cysts.

It has been shown time and again that the benefits of maintaining a healthy life style, and creating a healthy and good balance, are immense. Interestingly, this is also the best preventive measure you can take up against hives and ovarian cysts. Contact the dietician and let him plan a healthy diet regimen - plus you will also need a fitness program that the trainer can devise. This constitutes what is known as the holistic approach. Lead a healthy lifestyle and there is no need for any medication and thus, you can escape from the adverse effects of such medications. The natural approach will lead to a balanced lifestyle and this is the better approach. Talk with your physician today about how you can start getting well the holistic way.

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